VertaMax and Evotec by OPTEC USA orthoses keep getting better! Now, both Evotec and VertaMax are available in two new colors: beige and gray.

What’s so great about these back braces? The corset of the OPTEC USA’s Evotec and VertaMax is designed and manufactured utilizing dense elastic material which provides significantly more compression than those conventionally used for lumbar supports. This means that, unlike some other braces, these orthoses will keep their form and provide consistent compression during your patient’s recovery.

Each style includes its respective anterior and posterior plastic panels to stabilize and immobilize your patient to the proper degree. These products have the following PDAC Approved L-Codes: VertaMax – L0627 Custom Fitted or L0642 OTS; Evotec LSO – L0631 Custom Fitted or L0648 OTS; and Evotec MAX – L0637 Custom Fitted or L0650 OTS.

The streamline design is undetectable under clothing and, with our new color options, you can offer each patient a choice between beige, black, or gray. So don’t wait!

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OPTEC is constantly innovating new products to benefit your patients and your facility. Now you can get the details on our new products like the ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL VENUM HYBRID and the NEW PROGLIDE CERVICAL COLLAR in our New Product Catalog. 

Have you ever found yourself wondering exactly what is included with one of OPTEC’s braces? How many rigid plastic panels are included? Are they removable? What L-Code you might use if you choose a certain brace? Well, OPTEC’S NEW Product Catalog is more comprehensive with clear descriptions of each orthosis and plenty of pictures of our top-of-the-line braces as well as their components. These clearly labeled photographs of the product components make each product easier to understand which means it will be easier to identify which OPTEC orthosis will be best suited to your patient’s needs.

To take advantage of all these great features in OPTEC’s NEW Product Catalog, all you have to do is CLICK on the link below or call us at 1-888-982-8181 to request a paper copy!


The wait is over – it’s here! The ONE BRACE that fits above all the rest! Fabricated using the most advanced technology and materials, the New VENUM® HYBRID is the pinnacle of ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL spinal systems.  Why do we say that? There are at least 5 reasons that the VENUM® HYBRID is the ONLY brace you will ever need to fit patients of all different sizes and shapes.  

1. The Savings: The adjustable ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL feature of the VENUM® HYBRID means you will not have to worry about what sizes to keep in stock because in one brace you can fit practically anyone: from a slender adolescent to a hefty security guard. 

2. The Versatility: On any given day you might meet patients with activity levels ranging from a young athlete recovering from a sports injury to a post-operative geriatric patient that requires immediate pain relief and comfortable support. Both of these patients and anyone in-between is a great candidate for the VENUM® HYBRID. 

3. The Material: The VENUM® HYBRID is so comfortable and soft that you really should take the time to feel this brace for yourself. Yet, the brace is still resilient, durable, and breathable. 


4. The Features: Young patients who are likely to recover quickly will like the streamline 3 in 1 step-down design that allows them to gradually decrease the level of immobilization as they heal. Whereas geriatric patients will appreciate the ease of donning and doffing with ergonomic arthritic grips as well as the 6:1 closure compression ratio that will allow them to easily get the relief and immobilization they need.

5. The Options: The VENUM® HYBRID is available in LSO & TLSO configurations. You can decide whether you would like a single or double-pull cable pulley system. And the brace is offered in three PDAC Approved models: X (L0637), Pro (L0631), and Lite (L0627). For each model, the posterior panel is available in independent or central support panel designs which create a natural support system for the spine that can be customized to provide the perfect fit. The corset itself adjusts to waist sizes from 21” to 63” but, if necessary, we also offer an optional extender panel that adds 10” to the circumference. 

So, now you know why we are so crazy about the VENUM® HYBRID!

Call us today at 888-982-8181 or 1-770-513-7380 to try it for yourself. Hearing about this revolutionary brace is one thing but feeling is believing. Click here for more info:



About the Fit! One Brace for All Patients

Our New Venum Hybrid brings all that we love about the the Venum1 - adjustable compression in drawstring technology, ease of use, patient compliance - to a whole new level with its One Size Fits All / One Brace for all patients design. The Venum Hybrid design allows each patient to get the perfect compression and immobilization for his situation, whether he is a young athlete recovering from a spinal injury or an elderly grandfather who wants to be able to do more with his grandchildren. This brace offers multiple ranges of compression, from moderate to maximum, to respond to the wide range of patient needs.
And with the One Size Fits All feature of the Venum Hybrid, you will not have to worry about what sizes to keep in stock because in one brace you can fit practically anyone - from a slender adolescent to a hefty security guard. This orthosis enables you to offer comfortable support and stability no matter who walks into your office, without shelves full of bulky braces in every size for each gender. That translates into less inventory to manage and more money to grow your business.
Plus, the Venum Hybrid is made of comfortable materials and is easy to don and doff. So when you put it on your patient, the ease of use and comfortable fit combined with the relief and security they will feel will increase patient compliance and thereby speed recovery. The Venum Hybrid is a win-win! 

The Venum Hybrid comes in the following models: LITE, X, PRO LSO, X FP, PRO FP


PDAC APPROVED L0627 • L0631 • L0637

Call us today and learn why the Venum Hybrid is the only brace you will ever need 1-888-982-8181 • 1-770-513-7380

Venum1- One Size that can Change it All!

Economy changes, new insurance regulations, audits, and competitive bidding, are all words and phrases we hear too often in the world of Orthotics. As a whole, our industry is changing and we are all trying to roll with the punches. Optec’s main goal is to provide you with products that can help cut your cost while still providing you with an easy to fit brace.

What better way to cut cost than by decreasing your inventory?! Out with the old and in with the new!
Over the years, I have received countless calls regarding a “one size fits all" back brace. We are excited to announce the arrival of our new Venum1 LSO and TLSO line which features a drawstring pulley system that is so easy to use and simple to pull, you will not want to use any other product moving forward!

Regardless of age, whether you are 25 or 85 years of age, a sleek design, light weight, and less bulky product are features to look for in a brace. Easy application is a must! For patients suffering with arthritis or debilitating hand strength, our Venum 1 features arthritics grips which make it easy to tighten, resulting in immediate pain relief and unparalleled support.

The Venum1 features a modular system, with interchangeable panels to provide your patients with a variety of posterior panels during each stage of rehabilitation. Each Venum1 has a built-in anterior panel and removable posterior panels that can be retrofitted from a TLSO and break down to a simple corset.

OPTEC’s Custom Braces – Ready When You Are

For nearly 15 years, OPTEC USA has been a leader in custom spinal orthotic manufacturing.  We provide the high quality products and services you need from your central fabricator.  With around-the-clock technical support, quality products at a fair price, and availability to take orders anytime, you will find that OPTEC USA fits your needs.  Further, you will get your custom brace when your patient needs it and just the way you want it.  Try OPTEC USA for your next custom orthosis!

OPTEC USA Products with PDAC Approved Codes

OPTEC USA consistently offers cutting edge products of the highest quality.  Beyond offering innovative orthosis at a fair price, OPTEC USA works to help your practice be successful by submitting braces to the Pricing, Data Analysis, and Coding (PDAC) center.
PDAC recently reviewed many OPTEC USA’s products with the following decisions:  VertaMax – L0627, Stealth PRO – L0631, Stealth Rehab – L0627, Stealth X – L0637, Stealth LSO LP – L0637, Stealth CB – L0637, Stealth Xtreme – L0637, Stealth TLSO with DLK – L0462, Stealth TLSO with ATE – L0464.
Additionally, the Stealth LSO, Oasis LSO and Oasis LSO LP continue to be L0637. Call us today at 888/982-8181!

OPTEC Products with PDAC Approved Codes

OPTEC consistently offers high-quality, cutting-edge products at a fair price. OPTEC also helps your practice to be successful by submitting braces to the Pricing, Data Analysis, and Coding (PDAC) Center.

PDAC recently reviewed many OPTEC products, with the following decisions: VertaMax L0627; Stealth PRO L0631; Stealth Rehab L0627; Stealth X L0637; Stealth LSO LP L0637; Stealth CB L0637; Stealth Xtreme L0637; Stealth TLSO with DLK L0462; and Stealth TLSO with ATE L0464.

Additionally, the Stealth LSO, Oasis LSO, and Oasis LSO LP continue to be L0637.

The Stealth TLSO: Complete Immobilization - Complete Comfort

OPTEC's Stealth TLSO provides motion restriction for the thoracic and lumbar regions. The posterior extends from sacrococcygeal junction to just inferior of the scapular spine with rigid plastic providing lateral strength. The Stealth TLSO is available in 3 Panel and 4 Panel versions, which include a Dorsal Lumbar Kit (DLK) or a DLK with your choice of thoracic attachment. The Stealth TLSO by OPTEC allows you to restrict the thoracic vertebra with the ease of use and precise compression of our unique closure system.

Make Life Easier with a PPX or SPX

There are many reasons that an orthotist or physician would choose to have an anterior thoracic extension put on a patient's TLSO.  It may be to get the perfect amount of extension or possibly to make the experience of wearing a back brace more palatable to the patient and cooler for the wearer if they live in a warm climate.  Whatever the reason, many braces are fit with either a Sternal Pad Kit (SPK) or Pectoral Pad Kit (PPK).  But Optec USA has presented an impressive improvement on these standard models.

Optec USA's PPX and SPX have all the convenience of the typical SPK and PPK with one outstanding advantage: remarkably easier adjustment.  While SPKs and PPKs give the freedom of precise extension, it comes at a price.  To bend that solid metal bar, the practitioner must use metal benders, or as one orthotist told me at a trade show, bend it over a counter at the hospital just before fitting the patient. 

Eliminate that effort or, in some cases, embarrassment, with the PPX or SPX.  Instead of needing to manually bend metal to achieve proper extension, all the PPX and SPX require is a simple allen wrench to adjust both the extension and height of the bar.  This simplified adjustment of extension is possible due to the joint, or hinge, that the SPX and PPX are designed with.  These thoracic extension bars make life much easier on both patient and practitioner.  Try an SPX or PPX the next time you order a TLSO from Optec USA and see the difference for yourself.

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