About the Fit! One Brace for All Patients

Our New Venum Hybrid brings all that we love about the the Venum1 - adjustable compression in drawstring technology, ease of use, patient compliance - to a whole new level with its One Size Fits All / One Brace for all patients design. The Venum Hybrid design allows each patient to get the perfect compression and immobilization for his situation, whether he is a young athlete recovering from a spinal injury or an elderly grandfather who wants to be able to do more with his grandchildren. This brace offers multiple ranges of compression, from moderate to maximum, to respond to the wide range of patient needs.
And with the One Size Fits All feature of the Venum Hybrid, you will not have to worry about what sizes to keep in stock because in one brace you can fit practically anyone - from a slender adolescent to a hefty security guard. This orthosis enables you to offer comfortable support and stability no matter who walks into your office, without shelves full of bulky braces in every size for each gender. That translates into less inventory to manage and more money to grow your business.
Plus, the Venum Hybrid is made of comfortable materials and is easy to don and doff. So when you put it on your patient, the ease of use and comfortable fit combined with the relief and security they will feel will increase patient compliance and thereby speed recovery. The Venum Hybrid is a win-win! 

The Venum Hybrid comes in the following models: LITE, X, PRO LSO, X FP, PRO FP


PDAC APPROVED L0627 • L0631 • L0637

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