Make Life Easier with a PPX or SPX

There are many reasons that an orthotist or physician would choose to have an anterior thoracic extension put on a patient's TLSO.  It may be to get the perfect amount of extension or possibly to make the experience of wearing a back brace more palatable to the patient and cooler for the wearer if they live in a warm climate.  Whatever the reason, many braces are fit with either a Sternal Pad Kit (SPK) or Pectoral Pad Kit (PPK).  But Optec USA has presented an impressive improvement on these standard models.

Optec USA's PPX and SPX have all the convenience of the typical SPK and PPK with one outstanding advantage: remarkably easier adjustment.  While SPKs and PPKs give the freedom of precise extension, it comes at a price.  To bend that solid metal bar, the practitioner must use metal benders, or as one orthotist told me at a trade show, bend it over a counter at the hospital just before fitting the patient. 

Eliminate that effort or, in some cases, embarrassment, with the PPX or SPX.  Instead of needing to manually bend metal to achieve proper extension, all the PPX and SPX require is a simple allen wrench to adjust both the extension and height of the bar.  This simplified adjustment of extension is possible due to the joint, or hinge, that the SPX and PPX are designed with.  These thoracic extension bars make life much easier on both patient and practitioner.  Try an SPX or PPX the next time you order a TLSO from Optec USA and see the difference for yourself.