OPTEC USA Products with PDAC Approved Codes

OPTEC USA consistently offers cutting edge products of the highest quality.  Beyond offering innovative orthosis at a fair price, OPTEC USA works to help your practice be successful by submitting braces to the Pricing, Data Analysis, and Coding (PDAC) center.
PDAC recently reviewed many OPTEC USA’s products with the following decisions:  VertaMax – L0627, Stealth PRO – L0631, Stealth Rehab – L0627, Stealth X – L0637, Stealth LSO LP – L0637, Stealth CB – L0637, Stealth Xtreme – L0637, Stealth TLSO with DLK – L0462, Stealth TLSO with ATE – L0464.
Additionally, the Stealth LSO, Oasis LSO and Oasis LSO LP continue to be L0637. Call us today at 888/982-8181!