Stealth™ One – Coming Soon to an O & P Facility Near You!!!!

Everything we have loved about the Stealth line over the years: unparalleled back support, spinal immobilization, and user-friendly comfort for patients of any age – from a young athlete recovering from a sports injury to a geriatric patient for whom the arthritic grips are essential -  the sleek design that fits under clothing, the sturdy and breathable fabric  – all of this and the Stealth™ just keeps getting better!!! Very soon the Stealth™ One will be available to order – the first ONE SIZE FITS ALL Stealth™! Now you can give your patients all the benefits of the Stealth while saving money because with the New Stealth One, you will need less inventory on hand to fit patients of almost any size and shape.

This is possible thanks to the unique new design of the Stealth™ One that can be customized to virtually any body type. Plus, the Stealth™ One is designed to be a step-down brace. This is an orthosis that will encourage patient compliance because, besides being easy to put on and take off, the amount of immobilization can be modified as your patient recovers. The Stealth™ One can support your patients through all phases of their rehabilitation. So, with all these great features in mind, why not be one of the first facilities where the Stealth™ One makes its appearance?


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