The wait is over – it’s here! The ONE BRACE that fits above all the rest! Fabricated using the most advanced technology and materials, the New VENUM® HYBRID is the pinnacle of ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL spinal systems.  Why do we say that? There are at least 5 reasons that the VENUM® HYBRID is the ONLY brace you will ever need to fit patients of all different sizes and shapes.  

1. The Savings: The adjustable ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL feature of the VENUM® HYBRID means you will not have to worry about what sizes to keep in stock because in one brace you can fit practically anyone: from a slender adolescent to a hefty security guard. 

2. The Versatility: On any given day you might meet patients with activity levels ranging from a young athlete recovering from a sports injury to a post-operative geriatric patient that requires immediate pain relief and comfortable support. Both of these patients and anyone in-between is a great candidate for the VENUM® HYBRID. 

3. The Material: The VENUM® HYBRID is so comfortable and soft that you really should take the time to feel this brace for yourself. Yet, the brace is still resilient, durable, and breathable. 


4. The Features: Young patients who are likely to recover quickly will like the streamline 3 in 1 step-down design that allows them to gradually decrease the level of immobilization as they heal. Whereas geriatric patients will appreciate the ease of donning and doffing with ergonomic arthritic grips as well as the 6:1 closure compression ratio that will allow them to easily get the relief and immobilization they need.

5. The Options: The VENUM® HYBRID is available in LSO & TLSO configurations. You can decide whether you would like a single or double-pull cable pulley system. And the brace is offered in three PDAC Approved models: X (L0637), Pro (L0631), and Lite (L0627). For each model, the posterior panel is available in independent or central support panel designs which create a natural support system for the spine that can be customized to provide the perfect fit. The corset itself adjusts to waist sizes from 21” to 63” but, if necessary, we also offer an optional extender panel that adds 10” to the circumference. 

So, now you know why we are so crazy about the VENUM® HYBRID!

Call us today at 888-982-8181 or 1-770-513-7380 to try it for yourself. Hearing about this revolutionary brace is one thing but feeling is believing. Click here for more info: