OPTEC is constantly innovating new products to benefit your patients and your facility. Now you can get the details on our new products like the ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL VENUM HYBRID and the NEW PROGLIDE CERVICAL COLLAR in our New Product Catalog. 

Have you ever found yourself wondering exactly what is included with one of OPTEC’s braces? How many rigid plastic panels are included? Are they removable? What L-Code you might use if you choose a certain brace? Well, OPTEC’S NEW Product Catalog is more comprehensive with clear descriptions of each orthosis and plenty of pictures of our top-of-the-line braces as well as their components. These clearly labeled photographs of the product components make each product easier to understand which means it will be easier to identify which OPTEC orthosis will be best suited to your patient’s needs.

To take advantage of all these great features in OPTEC’s NEW Product Catalog, all you have to do is CLICK on the link below or call us at 1-888-982-8181 to request a paper copy!