CROSS Pectoral Hyperextension brace (side) OPTEC USA
CROSS Pectoral Hyperextension Brace (front) OPTEC USACROSS Brace Hyperextension brace (back) OPTEC USA

OPTEC USA's CROSS Brace - A comfortable, cosmetic hyperextension brace that won't show through patients clothing and can be easily donned and doffed.

  • Adjustable flexible pectoral pads with silicone hinges fit comfortably below clavicles and won't impinge on patients sternum or choke when sitting providing increased comfort and compliance. ATL pectoral pads provide rotation and linear adjustment.
  • Hinged pubic pad assembly Adjust to patients contour and can be quickly bent for a precise fit.
  • Universal closure strap and pad One long strap which can be cut to patients circumference and fit with a Y-tab over the end.
  • Anterior closure  Allows for easy donning and doffing


  • Osteoporosis
  • Kyphosis
  • Thoracic Stabilization
  • Thoracic Extension
  • Spinal Alignment

PDAC Approved L0472

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