PROGLIDE 172 Cervical Collar  (side) OPTEC USA
PROGLIDE 172 Cervical Collar  (back) OPTEC USAPROGLIDE 174 Cervical Collar  (side) OPTEC USAPROGLIDE 174 Cervical Collar  (back) OPTEC USAPROGLIDE 180 Cervical Collar  (side) OPTEC USAPROGLIDE 180 Cervical Collar  (back) OPTEC USA

PG172 • PG174 • PG180

The new look patented PROGLIDE Cervical Collar incorporates new modern colors, revolutionary interface materials that provide unparalleled comfort and stronger materials for greater support. The unique chin height adjustment technology (12 levels) allows for customized fitting with a simple turn of the knob. With a one-size-fits-all design, the PROGLIDE reduces inventory and saves money. The PDAC Approved PROGLIDE Cervical Collar offers a complete solution for individuals with cervical injuries that require a collar for extended wear.

  • Patents: 8.864.693 • 8.740.830 
  • One-Size-Fits-All : reduce inventory, save money
  • Front: 12 height adjustment settings for a custom fit, ergonomic dynamic knob
  • Back: Adjustable panel for a custom fit (PG180 model)
  •  Larger tracheal opening


  1. NEW Updated Version
  2. NEW Interface is designed to effectively distribute pressure points, especially to the mandibles, upper chest wall and occipital
  3. Superior Interface to reduce skin breakdown by unloading pressure points
  4. Stronger Materials significantly eliminate deflection under extreme forces
  5. Greater structural strength provides better motion restriction
  6. Adjusts to neck circumference
  7. Increased Range of height adjustment to accommodate patients with short and long cervical regions
  8. Posterior extends to contour head and limit unwanted motion
  9. Unparalled Comfort for Extended Wear
  10. 3 Models:  PG172, PG174 and PG180
  11. X-Ray, CT and MRI compatible


  • Cervical Spine precaution for trauma patients
  • Immobilization for pre and post cervical spine surgery
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis • Anterior cervical fusion 
  • Halo removal
  • Dens type 1 cervical 
    fractures of C2 vertebrate 
  • Anterior discectomy 
  • Teardrop fracture of the vertebral body  
  • Cervical strain 
  • Unstable fracture 
  • Neural Involvement 
  • Atlanto-occipital Dislocation

Products & Intellectual Property Insured through IPISC

PDAC APPROVED L0172 • L0174 • L0180

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