Ankle Stirrup (OTEC USA)


• Rigid plastic encircles the ankle with soft interface
• Stabilizes ankle with solid frame and compression straps
• Fits in most shoes

How to fit the Stirrup Ankle Brace

  1. Position heel on sole section with circular portion facing forward
  2. Next, tighten the bottom strap
  3. Then, tighten the top strap
  4. Brace should fit snug, but should not cut off circulation

Typical Indications

• Ankle sprain
• Ligament instability
• Stable minor fracture
• Early cast removal
• Post-Op rehabilitation

Care Instructions: liners can be removed and hand washed with mild soap. Air dry only. 

Should you develop skin rash, discontinue use and seek medical advice.
Ankle splint should fit snug without impairing circulation
This product is not a substitute for proper diagnosis & treatment by a doctor
Consult with your doctor, should you encounter persistent problems

PDAC Approved L4350


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